The Purpose and Aims of the Course

The course program is meant for students of Business programs. 

The purpose of the course is to improve the communication competence of the students in professional fields, which includes:

  • to teach students to understand and use the English language in professional sphere;
  • to develop student’s language understanding and learning approach as a foundation for continuous learning.

The aims of the course are:

  • to teach students how to choose, read and use legal materials in the course of their studies, research work or Diploma work;
  • to build up useful abilities in speaking, writing, reading and listening which are necessary to work independently on legal materials of their own choice;
  • to teach techniques for building up systematically a wide legal vocabulary in fields of special interest to the reader; 
  • to revise and consolidate important grammar and language constructions and meanings in a variety of speaking and writing activities.

Preliminary knowledge required:

  • Adequate proficiency level in English acquired at the secondary school level.

Students’ Lexical Minimum:

  • Reading: the vocabulary should include 2500 words;
  • Oral speech should cover 1200 -1500 words of general English;
  • ESP vocabulary – 1000 -1200 words.