The course aims at acquiring French at the A1 level provided by the requirements of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment

The principal aim of the course is to improve the communicative competence of students in professional fields:

- focus directly on the language of interaction used in social exchanges;

- provide a model of language for short reports, letters, presentatioons and telephone calls:

- build up useful skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening:

- develop student's general language awareness and learning strategy as a basis for continuous learning

Learning outcomes

Students will acquire the folowing competences:

1) academic competences:

- understand and use simple expressions and phrases:

- ask personal questions and respond to them:

- perceive and identify text themes and problems, understand the main idea of the text, the details and the plot development:

2) professional competence:

- communicate on topics of everyday life:

- communicate with other students in different suggested situations. 

Requirements for awarding credit points

1) Active participation in practical studies - 25%

2) Presentations - 25%

3) Successful revision test - 25%

4) Seminar and oral examination - 25%


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