The course is primarily designed to provide an understanding of all the most important concepts which are necessary for eMarketing excellence today. It covers all the essentials that students would need to know on digital marketing.


The course also provides students with an understanding of the web assets that they need to create, and how to effectively engage with their audience through multiple digital vehicles. Additionally, it provides an overview on how to measure and optimize one’s activities in digital via web analytics and conversion optimization.

Besides, the course aims to develop students professionally, and encourage the development of highly marketable skills, thereby enhancing their career prospects and giving them the tools to secure their dream job.

The course is organised around 6 topics, each of which deals with a global issue of eMarketing, and comprises a case study with the case study questions.

Moreover, the course may also provide students with a greater awareness of the international perspective of their chosen profession, and the importance of eMarketing as a means to access it.