The purpose of the discipline

1.Give an understanding of the foundations of the creation and functioning of the marketing system in the tourism industry, prepare students for the practical use of marketing tools in the promotion and sale of tourism services;
2. to reveal the methods and techniques of sales of tourist services in the domestic and international markets, methods of organizing and conducting advertising, Public Relations and Publicity events in the tourism industry.
Educational objectives of the discipline
The objectives of the discipline are:
1. deepening of theoretical knowledge in the field of marketing in the tourism industry by using the means of socio-economic and statistical analysis and modern marketing and information technologies;
2. study of an integrated approach to the study of the consumer of tourism services as a whole, where special emphasis is placed on taking it into account in the work of tourism enterprises;
3. highlighting individual needs in tourism and their relationship with socio-economic activity, considering the basics of requests and needs in tourism, their dependence on various factors, classifying needs and assessing their importance in determining the direction of work of tourism enterprises;
4. mastering the basics of methodology in the field of marketing in the tourism industry;
5.acquisition of basic skills of practical work on collecting the necessary materials, their comprehensive assessment, analysis and systematization within the framework of marketing
in the tourism industry.